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How to reduce your BT phone bill

Global Telecom have released a new range of numbers this month all with prefix 0844. These new numbers are set to revolutionise business communication, being the more flexible equivalent to an 0845 number, and a less expensive option to an 0870 number.

The great thing about these 0844 numbers is that a call from anywhere in the country (unfortunately it is not possible to call from abroad) is charged at local rate, so it will provide your business with a feeling of local presence and call costs that don’t break the customer’s bank. There are no line rental costs or connection fees so this really is the low-cost alternative for your business number.

These 0844 numbers are so flexible in many different ways. Firstly, there are different types of 0844 numbers, ones that cost you money and ones that earn you money – so you really can choose the number that suits you! There are also nine different price points available, including a range between 1p and 5p per minute, making these numbers adaptable to all your business requirements.

Having an 0844 number means you have a number for life. If your business changes location, there’s no need to worry about having to update your merchandise or re-advertise your company. 0844 numbers provide you with the option to keep the same number for your company wherever you move to, and Global Telecom can divert the number to the new location within hours!

For a little extra you can purchase a special Gold Number – a memorable number that your customers won’t be able to forget – making your business the first place where your customers think of coming. Global Telecom also offers a variety of call plans for these new numbers. 0844 numbers can be diverted to just one destination number, or a number of destinations so that calls can ring round an office, jumping from phone to phone when the first destination is busy. Therefore, whether you’re a large or small company these numbers could cater for your needs.

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