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How to reduce your BT phone bill

1. Arrange for Global Telecom to take over your BT line, This will reduce your BT line rental by 19% and all additional add on services by 10%.

2. Arrange for the outbound calls to be routed through Global Telecom.

3. Global Telecom will then provide you with on-line stats that allow you to view your previous days call on the internet.

  • Line rental £11.30 per month
  • Residential line rental 9.50 per month
  • Local calls 1.8p per minute
  • National calls 1.95p per minute
  • All mobiles calls 11.9 p per minute
  • Per second billing
  • No minimum calls charge

When moving to global telecom you will still keep you existing BT number and any services you might have and the switch will be seamless, the line and services will still be provided by BT, the only difference is that we bill you for the services instead of BT.

When you have agreed to move to us, BT will write to you and confirm your account will be closed. They great thing about this service is that you still enjoy all the service and support from BT, you just have cheaper calls. Call the global telecom sales team now on 08000 277 772.

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