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Network Recording


A network-based call recording solution from Global Telecom.

Our Network Call Recording is quick, simple to set up and very user-friendly. Of course it is also flexible and hassle free.

Network Call Recording can benefit any company; whether for monitoring quality, adhering to compliance purposes, or simply for keeping customer call records. If you already have a current call recording solution and are seeking to free yourself from the complications and issues that come with of tape management and expensive maintenance contracts, Network Call Recording is definitely the solution for you.

Here are some of the great benefits our Network Call Recording can offer your company:

  • An all-round solution to any of your company’s call recording needs
  • Inexpensive - no need to invest in unnecessary equipment
  • Easy-to-navigate, company specific log-ins with indexed recordings for effortless access
  • The option of screen recording is also available
  • FSA compliant
  • Pay-as-you-go, making NCR an easy way to stay in control
  • Configurable quality management modules
  • And more...

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