Premicell Product Offering



We are able to offer a premicell product for customers calling a high volume of outbound calls to UK mobiles.

GSM Gateway CelluLine CGW-T
Talk Saver Plus

Talksaver is introducing the GSM Gateway Talksaver Plus, a GSM cost reduction tool.

In a period, in which companies focus on cost reduction (without influencing the integrity of the company), the Talksaver Plus will play an important role. The unit directly connects your PBX to the GSM network, eliminating the excessive interconnection fees, thus cutting your telephone costs significantly.

The Talksaver Plus is connected to the analog trunk interface of the PBX. The Automatic Route Select Table (ARS) in the PBX defines which calls will be automatically routed via the Talksaver Plus to the pre-defined GSM network. In doing so, the Talksaver Plus gateway reduces the company’s telephone costs.

Installation of the Talksaver Plus does not require special skills. Simply insert the SIM card, connect the unit to the PBX trunk interface, attach the antenna and power supply and your Talksaver Plus can immediately start saving money for you. The unit has an LCD display, which shows the GSM operator’s name, the signal strength and other useful call progress information.

A number of additional parameters for the Talksaver Plus, such as Audio Volume Control, Conversation Time-Out and Restricted Digits, can be programmed via DTMF.


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