Price Promise


Global Telecom's price promise is that we will refund double the difference of the total cost of local, national and international calls from the UK if it is found that Global Telecom are more expensive than BT.

The Price Promise does not apply to any special numbers, NGN numbers or premium rate numbers such as 118, 090 and 0898 numbers etc, calls to satellite mobiles, international premium rate numbers or calls between Northern Ireland and Eire or any BT rates before promotion, discount or part of an inclusive package. Only available to business users and one claim per customer allowed.

Global Telecom reserves the right to withdraw or modify the Price Promise at any time.

All claims must be submitted in writing, with a copy of the monthly invoice in question, within 1 month of the invoice date to: Price Promise Dept, Global Telecom, PO Box 54775, London, NW9 1EY.


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