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  We are able to offer a fax to email service, using either 0870 or 0871 numbers. 0870 numbers are accessible from countries over the world and 0871 are currently only available for UK callers and a few European locations.

You will be supplied with a national rate number, which allows you to fax a letter to our server, and we will then email that document to your chosen email address.

This service offers several benefits:

Scan documents and store on your PC
Means you don't need a land line fax numbers
Fax originals and destroy the originals
File on Cd you messages
Allow you to read letters before printing
Easy way of forwarding faxes

0870 numbers are charged quarterly fee of £30 and 0871 fax to email are free of charge.

Calls rates :

0870 numbers 6.73p peak, 4.2p off peak, 2p weekend
0871 numbers 8.5p at all times

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