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BT wholesale Wholesale prices compared to BT

Global Telecom are proud to offer all low cost calls and line rental compared with BT. The services remain exactly the same with BT still installing / maintaining the service, the only difference is that the bill for the service comes from us instead of BT.

Transfer your BT telephone lines to Global Telecom and save money on line rental and call charges. Transfers are seamless, and upon transfer all of your calls are routed via our Tier-1 carriers, giving you access to business-quality, low cost telephone calls.

How does this work?

Global Telecom provide telecom services as an alternative supplier to BT. BT will install any new services you require and the services themselves are identical. Global Telecom buy services at wholesale prices and then offer these services to our clients at a reduced cost. Due to the fact we purchase BT services at wholesale prices, allows us to reduce line rental and connection charges.

Global Telecom will can also buy your landline from BT at a wholesale price and sell it back to you at reduced cost.

Global Telecom provides first-line customer service and includes the line rental on the customer's single bill, while BT continues to provide maintenance backup. You will have one point of access to our support and customer service team and won't have to go through the numerous menu options on you phone to get information you need.

Three product families are available to transfer from BT:

Analogue PSTN (Single Line and Multiline Aux)
Digital ISDN2e (Standard, System and Highway)
Digital ISDN30

You may also wish to have a look at the special Select Services that we offer.

Below are the savings on the basic service.

BT alternative line rental service
Analogue and ISDN lines
BT Install Charges
Our Install Charges
BT Line Rental
Our Line Rental
Residential Line - Analogue
Business Line - Analogue
ISDN2 (2 Channels)
Remote Call Forwarding
Prices on all BT products are available upon request.

For more information complete the Enquiry form or call our sales team on our free phone number now.

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