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Porting Your Existing Number with Number PortingPorting your existing 0870 number

0870 numbers as from 1st August 2009 will be charged to you at the price of a standard phone call. This enables your customers to contact your organisation at a low cost, from anywhere in the UK.

Up until the 1st August 2009 calls will be charged up to 8p/min, therefore if your number is with another company they will soon start to charge you per minute for the use of your 0870 number.

You can port your number to us from your current provider. We charge just 5.00 per month for the 0870 number that has been ported to us.

This price also includes 1200 minutes of free calls that can be shared across multiple 0870 numbers. All further calls are charged at 0.95p per minute.

If your number is supplied from one of the companies listed below, please contact us as we will be able to port the number to us. Your current 0870 number will not be lost and we can port this number usually within 10 days. You can also use the free 'online stats' service that we provide. This allows you to see the number of calls that are made to your number.

Complete the Enquiry form or call our freephone number now.

  • BT
  • Cable & Wireless (C&W)
  • Opal Telecom
  • Energis
  • Colt
  • NTL / Telewest
  • Your Communications Ltd
  • Gamma
  • Telstra
  • MCI Worldcom / Verizon
  • Redstone
  • Thus
  • Totem Communications
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