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IVR Services

What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) refers to the automated routing of customer enquiries. It's a telephony technology in which the customer uses a touch-tone telephone to interact with a database to acquire information from, or enter data into, the database.

The customer interacts with a phone system by picking from a list of services, which will direct the call to the call centre employee, department or automated response that is most applicable to handle the enquiry e.g. "For Sales press 1... For Accounts press 2..."

Click on one of the below options for more information on what you can do with IVR.

Automated Surveys / Data Collection
Blended IVR / Live Agent Call Processing
Custom IVR Development
Competition Lines
Emergency Notifications
Recorded Information Messages
Virtual Office Applications
Virtual Switchboard
Voicemail Messaging
Voice Recognition
Voice & SMS Alert

Automated Surveys / Data Collection

Collect data quickly and efficiently with our data collection service. It's faster and cheaper than traditional methods such as direct mail and fax. Data collection via IVR also helps to eliminate the mistakes that can often occur while using those traditional methods.

Your users can input data on their touch tone phones or record voice messages. This data can be delivered

If you have customers, employees, field service personnel, merchandisers, or anyone else who needs to provide information from remote locations, we can collect the data from sites wherever a telephone, computer, or PDA is available. New question sets and surveys can be created online and implemented immediately, and data can be delivered to you in many methods and formats depending upon your needs.

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Blended IVR / Live Agent Call Processing

We are able to provide a dual IVR service with a blended call agent, so if your staff are busy we can automatically divert the calls to the IVR system. We can design custom service packages to meet your specific needs.

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Custom IVR Development

You can use any of our IVR packages, but alternatively we can design you a custom IVR package. Whatever your needs are, contact us and we will develope the right IVR service for you.

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Competition Lines

Set up a premium rate number for a competition and use IVR as a method for your users to submit answers. The recorded voice messages can then be emailed to you in .wav format. You may also wish to combine this service with voice recognition. Custom packages to suite your individual needs are available.

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Emergency Notifications

In the case of emergency you may wish to have a recorded voice message ready that you can transfer your calls to. For instance when the fire alarm goes off and the office is cleared you don't want your callers ringing into your office and having no one answer. One simple call phone call and you can implement any number of emergency call messages.

If you are for instance a webhosting company, you may want to inform your clients of service status levels so that your customer base knows when there is a problem with the service.

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Recorded Information Messages

Keep your customers, collegues or employees well informed with updates that they can listen to by ringing up a special number. You may wish to provide such information as share prices, racing tips, directions or a new phone number for instance. Make sure your clients are always happy by using this great service from Global Telecom.

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Virtual Office Applications

If you work from home but wish to give your clients the impression of being a big business you could implement one of our Virtual Office Applications. Let your callers choose from a series of options in order to give the appearance of having several departments.

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Virtual Switchboard

Global Telecom Virtual Switchboard and Receptionist integrates 0800/0845/0870/0871 (or local) numbers with an Automated Attendant and an Interactive Voice Response system (IVR). In simple terms, you get a custom greeting with options that direct your callers to the appropriate location depending on the choices you provide.

Whenever you've called a number and heard a recording telling you to press 1 for sales, 2 for accounts or 3 for customer service, you have used a Switchboard.

Our PhonePresence Service is a 'Virtual Switchboard or Call Centre' - a phone system that has all the features of the most advanced PBX/PABX, voicemail and call recording and call management systems on the market.

But because the system is hosted, your company doesn't need to invest the thousands of pounds needed to purchase these systems, nor commit to the installation and rental of 'enough' phone lines - assuming you know how many that is!

We can configure a service to your requirements coupled with advice on the best way to meet your needs.

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Voicemail Messaging

Global Telecom Voicemail provides a virtual answering service. It will answer your call, play a pre-recorded announcement and then record a message for retrieval at your convenience.

Global Telecom Voicemail includes all the features of our Voicebank plus a full featured message recording service.

Notification of new messages can be by SMS message, email or call back with remote transcription from any touch tone telephone. You can also use the Voicemail outdial notification function to alert you of your calls through a pager or via a mobile or landline telephone number.

The Voicemail service includes an 0871 non-geographic phone number, the ability to record outgoing messages remotely from any touch tone telephone and features a web account for statistics and administration.

Global Telecom Voicemail is a Hosted Service eliminating the costs of purchasing or maintaining an expensive in-house solution. Our systems can handle large numbers of callers simultaneously.

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Voice Recognition

Global Telecom Voice Recognition allows your business to efficiently manage complex customer transactions at a relatively low cost compared with a commitment to hardware and software technology that quickly becomes outdated.

Global Telecom Voice and Speech Recognition includes all the features of the most powerful Call Centre including complex call routing and recording facilities.

Telephone voice interaction is more natural than more traditional touch-tone voice response systems and provides broader access to information, reducing the frustration associated with touch-tone menus.

As an example, alpha entry can be awkward as each touch-tone digit may represent up to four letters. Voice Recognition (VR) allows for caller input via the spoken word. Technological advances in both application and processing power have resulted in greater acceptance and accuracy of voice recognition systems.

Voice Recognition improves call accuracy as callers can focus on the information they need, without worrying about which digits to press.

Voice and Speech Recognition technology makes it possible to handle more complex calls, such as callers providing a name and address. Global Telecom systems integrate Voice Recognition into our IVR technologies, allowing for both voice and touch-tone entry via the single user interface of the telephone.

Our IVR systems can successfully integrate outsourced Voice Recognition technology seamlessly into your customer support, providing your business with a sophisticated and professional public interface without the commitment to an in-house system.

For further information on Global Telecom Voice Recognition please contact us.

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Voice & SMS Alert

Global Telecom Alert is a hosted Alert Notification service that allows your organization to contact and inform a number of people such as staff and customers when time is of the essence. Phone calls, SMS alert text messages and emails can be sent simultaneously to predefined groups making the service ideal for emergency alerts, disaster recovery and staff contact.

Individuals can react to confirm that they have received the information and advise their actions. More detailed information can be posted simultaneously on dial in phone services, web and wap sites.

Real time status and audit reports give you clear visibility on the progress of an alert.

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VoiceBank - updated Customer Info

Interactive Voice Recognition or IVR is technology that allows a computer to detect touch tones and voice using a normal telephone line. IVR services provide your callers with options that they can navigate through using the touch tone telephone keys. This service is typically used to service high call volumes, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

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